cleaning a pressure washer pump


Picking  pressure washer pump is a sensible choice. It can possibly clean the dirtiest of surfaces with great measure of pressure. It is made up in a way that you can easily clean the surfaces with little amount of time.

You will only get to know the effectiveness of such a machine when you have decided to use it wisely. But while utilizing the pump through the span of time, odds of a few errors, stains, minor glitches are normal and these frequent issues can be removed with only one cleaning sessions.


It is very important to go in for time-to-time checkup of this machine because in the process of doing this, you will be able to provide an intensive cleaning session which will give you the capacity to diagnose the basic concerns of the pump.

Thus, when you clean the machine on consistent premise, you can maintain a strategic distance from any issues relating to its performance; rectify issues immediately and save some cash on both parts and also repairs which may results from damages


The method for cleaning is exceptionally basic. You only require simple cleaning tools that you may even have at your home. But there are only some guides and order you have to follow so as to get nothing but the best result.

In this section, I will be laying emphasis on the pressure pump of both gas and electric pressure washer.

  • Checking the oil

You can begin your cleaning procedure by checking for the level of oil.  Since the engine is the key component of the machine, you must do a thorough check up of it.

Check for the levels of oil, putting into consideration the marked level the engine oil must reach or better still, try to change the oil if you are not okay with the recent performance since most pump reviewer and previous users prescribe frequent changes of oil.

  • Checking the screens

Most commonly, the inlet screen tends to accumulate much dirt from previous washing project. In such case, you have to either change the screen, or wash it to clean the dirt. You can even make use of fair pressure water to flush its dirt away.

  • Hoses and couplings

You have to check the pressure washer pump in a way that it helps you easily recognize the cuts and leaking or whatever other concern so as to take proper action instantly. This is the beauty of a proper and intensive cleaning session.

Ensure you don’t work with highest measure of pressure, as it may harm the hoses and in the event that you will need to change them

You can even decide to go for detergent or cleanser infusion tube to inspect the machine well, and then search for any tears, spills or swelling corners.

After each cleaning session, make it a culture to always test the pressure washer pump to know the outcome and improvement after cleaning. This will however help you in confirming if the cleaning has be done suitably or not.



Firstly, before you put the motor out, ensure you run the water through it for no less than two minutes.

After this, close down the washer pump, let it cool off and then stop the water supply. This helps in controlling the overheating of the motor, which if not investigated sooner; it can turn into a big territory of concern;

Then, you have to minimize the pressure output, for this, you have to press the spray weapon trigger, and then hold it for quite a while, i.e. until the water is totally removed.

After doing the first and the second thing, you can now separate and expel the garden hose from the spray weapon.



In the first place, begin working with clearing the obstructing clogs from the nozzles and spraying guns;

Then grease up the hose, wand extension and spraying tool with a specific end goal of working continuously for long, better and smoother.;

In special cases that need be, you ought to likewise change the O-rings, particularly in the association range between the spray gun, great pressure hose and water in-let;

Wipe out all the debris from all vents, particularly the cooling vents;


Keep an eye on the start arrestor with the goal that you realize that immediately after cleaning, the machine is going to work fine and dandy.



Pressure washer pumps are without a doubt about comfort and achievability. The outcomes will be pleasing if the procedures are sincerely followed in order.

Once in a while, accumulation of dirt and stopping up of nozzles can bring about issues and make the machine fail to meet expectations. In this manner, an appropriate and effective cleaning session is going to help out.



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