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Welcome to, a site which comprises of a list of best electric pressure washer reviewed up to date. This website is created in order to help you understand everything you need to know about the latest, trending and best electric pressure washers.

Are you under pressure? Or you don’t even know anything about the diverse varieties of electric pressure washer in the market today? This is the best place for you. So, let me take you through this helpful website.




Best Light-Duty Electric Pressure Washer:
Just as the name implies, they are the types of electric power cleaner having power unit that is equal to or less than 1700 PSI.

These sets of pressure washer are always affordable and lighter in weight compared to other classes. You must have been budgeting around $100 to $130 to get one of these portable cleaner.

Truth should be told, these pressure washers are meant to be used at home because of their pressure unit and the way they are designed. Their durability depends on the way they are used but don’t expect much of them.

They can actively help in washing away dirt and removing light stains on stairways, verandahs, decks etc. they are also useful in cleaning piece of furniture, lawn equipment, bbq grill, patio, bicycle, cars, trucks, pets apartment’s etc.

Example from the list of best electric pressure washer that are designed for light duty is the wheel-less AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM and wheeled Sun Joe SPX1000 1,450 PSI 1.45 GPM.

Best Medium-Duty Electric Pressure Washers:

These sets of equipment feature a higher power and pressure unit (ranging from 1700 – 2800 PSI) compared to the lights.

They happen to be the commonest power cleaner in market due to their mixed-functional merits, versatility, maneauvability, and new components added to their structures like the detergent system.

Pressure washers that falls under this category earn consumers recognition also because they can do household tasks faster and effective than the lights. All been said, this class of pressure cleaner is costly (with price range of $120 – $300) and durable (may last for years if properly maintained).

Specific area of applications are not restricted to light tasks but are also useful in the cleaning of garage floor stained with oils, house siding, patio, and other residential surface.

More than 50% of consumers using this type of power washer use it for cleaning drive way and rendering of drive way cleaning services to people rather than using it for any other tasks.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM is one of the best electric pressure washers and also an example of medium-duty.

Best Heavy-Duty Electric Pressure Washer:
You may be shocked to hear that most best electric pressure washer are light and medium duty, yes they are and that is the truth you may not found on some other review website.

However, there are some electric pressure washers that are powerful and can perform some heavy duty tasks. Some of these pressure washers may even be accompanied by hot water washing features so as to perform their functions very well.

They may have PSI ratings ranging from 2800 upward. Most of these pressure washers are heavy, bulky and expensive (about $350). Therefore, You can rely on these power cleaners to perform intense cleaning on sidings when preparing for new paintings and contract cleanings.

Most contractors rely on this very type because of the durability i.e. they are built on special strong components like sturdy tires, long lasting pump, and commercial series engines.



Generally, there are two basic types of electric pressure washer according to their electric power phase – Single Phase Electric and 3 Phase Electric power washers. Every type of this comes with their respective weakness and strength which are discussed below.

Single-phase best electric pressure washer:

This kind of power washer is light in weight compared to other class and it is flexible enough to carry about. Among other specific features is its non-polluting merit, these machines are very good enough for home tasks even if it is been used in a space where there is little air.

The above listed performance of these machines also works on a very profitable power consumption i.e. most of these machines need just a single electric power supply (240 volts) from only one socket, in which some other electric devices may also be plugged into.

Summarily, the single phase machines are simply constructed, reliable and economical for small power rating.

On the other way round, considering the price scale and the simplicity of these machines, they are relatively weak and may not even last for so long. I think this is most likely to be the reason why they are always considered as a temporary solution for those who don’t have much money with them at the moment. Besides this, their efficiency, starting toque and electrical power factor is relatively low compared to their counterpart.

3-phase best electric pressure washer:

Most of the 3 phase power cleaners work on the same power rate as the gas powered pressure washers. Henceforth, they are capable of meeting the demands of the common cleaning tasks even far beyond house hold uses.

Considering the fact that they generate their power from a higher source, they function like or even more than the petrol or diesel pressure washer. The 3 phase may be self-starting, robust in construction but relatively easier to maintain and they can deal with almost all dirty projects.

These classes of power washers are usually more economical than the single-phase on the same ground voltage basically  because they uses less conductor material to transmit their electrical power.

In return for their functions and features, they may come with higher prices when compared to single phase electric ones.

Also, the maintenance and other additional costs may be higher as well i.e. in most cases; the machine may require you to buy its expensive quality component like the appropriate plugs and cables due to its higher rated efficiency (performing 2x light or medium duty task).

In this section, you will be able to know more about the composition of every best electric power washer. Although, some specific features distinguish some from the others.


The most important parts of any best electric pressure washer are:


best electric pressure washer pumpThis component is responsible for generating pressure of different level depending on its type.
There are 3 different types of these pumps which are the wobble (light weighted) axial (medium weighted) and triplex pump (heavy weighted).

Each of the types varies significantly when it comes to pricing and function. Light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty match exactly with each of them respectively.

This is what exactly you should know about the cost, functions and durability of the pump types; most of the wobble pumps are cheap compared to others and they function least among the types because they may not even last long. Axial perform about twice the productivity of the wobbles and they also cost about twice their price.

The best of them all is the triplex which is designed for daily use because it can last for long and perform even 10x the productivity of the axial. Hence, the wobbles and axial are best for home use while the triplex are specifically what you should go for if you want to embark on commercial services.


motorAll electric power washers makes use of motor instead of the engines used by the gas powered machine. This component is the part of any electric pressure washer that is used in powering the pressure pumps.

They are also of different types just like the pump which they power which are: the universal, induction and water-cooled motor.

What most home users of electric pressure washer always consider in motors are weight, noise, price and productivity.

The universal motor is the commonest motor found in best electric pressure washer for home use. it is noisy to some extent but very light and portable; its cheapness doesn’t mean it does not performs excellently, it actually does when used for its specific purpose.

For the induction motor, it may cost extra but it is more efficient, durable and quiet than the former.

Viewing motor types from all perspective, the water-cooled is the best but also the most costly among the types but when you have one; you enjoy it for long period.


BEST ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER HOSESThis part of the washer is described by its length, diameter, connection and the material they are built of. Wondering what hoses are?

They are actually the long tube or pipe-like component that are attached the pressure washer to ensure and maintain uniform pressure output against the dirt.

They are always flexible and sometimes called pipes.

Pressure washer hoses are made up of plastic or polyurethane (rubber-like), the plastic hoses tends to last only for a while because of its restrictive movement when moving around but the flexible polyurethane will serve you better and may cost you more dollars.

The most common diameter of hoses are the ¼ inch but I will advise you to go for the professional 3/8 inch which allows faster and free flow rate of water. However, the length of hoses ranges between 20-30 foot and each of them delivers differently in accordance with the PSI rate as seen in the blue,grey,yellow and black hoses


This is the part of pressure washer is responsible for spraying water coming at a high pressure against what is to be washed.

BEST ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER NOZZLESMost of these nozzles are classified based on degrees; the commonest types are 0-degree(red),40-degree (silver),25-degree(green),15-degree(yellow) and rotary turbo nozzle.

The difference between the various types of nozzles is the distinct way each of them delivers their water against dirt.

The 0-degree always delivers in the form of a pin point; 40-degree always gives a spread and wider spray of water.

Although, there are many others but the best of them is the rotary turbo which rotates a 0-degree jet 3000-rpm – giving it the cleaning area of a 25-degree nozzle with 0-degree jet pressure. It is the favorite of many people because it always rotate thereby removing the hardened dirts.


Are you thinking of just checking the review of the top 4 best electric pressure washers up to date? Here is the summary:

AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Washer (4 stars)


This is one of the outstanding pressure washers bagging almost all the stars in the category of best electric power washer. Its efficiency coupled with its reliability has been the reason why it has been trending in the market for years.

Most people still consider it as the easiest washing machine for outdoor project especially when it comes to washing your car, trucks, decks outdoor furniture, patios, siding etc.

By using a 1900PSI, it signify its power reliability and stability due to its long-lasting induction motor .Could you imagine that by just pulling the washer out of its box, inserting the hose reel and attaching the handle along with its already connected power source, you are done with your washing by just pointing the spray gun at your car, just like that? YES and don’t be surprised.

Many testimonies of  AR Blue Clean AR383 are also traced to its conservation of water, and time productivity i.e. it uses 5x less water in about half hour the time used by a garden hose. It is however estimated to be conserving water by 80% with 40% more power as compared to the hose of other electric washer.

This best electric power washer is constructed against durability factor-test because it is built out of exceptional materials like copper, aluminum and plastics (as seen in the high pressure hose). This is still one of the best reasons why it’s still taking lead in the market when compare to others irrespective of the star rating.

The electric pressure washer also has 2 wands of which one has a rotating- free tip and the second one has an adjustable tip that can be flip in different spraying angles. Also present inside this power cleaner is a bottle (detergent tank) in which cleaning chemicals can be stored for use.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Cleaner (4.5stars)


The cleaning power of Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Says almost all about it. Although quite expensive compare to other electric power washers in the same category but its powerful cleaning ability cannot be over emphasized.

Joe power, a powerful washer can be used for different kind of projects ranging from indoor to outdoor project as seen in lightly-soiled vinyl, vehicles, decks, driveways, concrete patios and even the mildewed concrete.

It runs on 1800-watt/14.5-amp inductor motor which can give out a quality water pressure of 2030 PSI and a maximum flow rate of 1.76 GPM at the same time.

Moreover, Most people go for SPX3000 electric power washer basically because of some special features traced to its pump performance by the piston pump, high power, double detergent tank which allows for the combination and storage of 2 different types of cleaning detergent e.g. using purple cleaner with other types but you must take note that this machine has some specified soap, wrong one can harm it.

The 5 different easily and quickly connectable nozzles give rise to its spraying quality in seconds. Even though this powerful Sun Joe SPX3000 does not come along with a hose reel, it eventually has a hose holder for storing.

Also, the spraying wand can be extended up to 34 inch so that hidden dirt-corner can be dealt with. The presence of rear wheels makes your sun Joe pressure washer easier to move all about than before.

I know you would have been thinking about the assembling of the powerful sun joe pressure washer, but you would be surprise if I tell you that it is very easy, all you need to do is to screw on a couple of attachments and connect the hosing, then you are good to done with your wash with a total of five perfect spray nozzles.

Besides, the plastic garden hose adaptor was designed in a replaceable way, which means you can replace the plastic with any of the listed brass hose which works perfectly-Anderson Metals Brass Garden Hose Fitting, Swivel, 3/4″ Female Hose ID x 3/4″ Female Pipe or Gilmour 7FPS7FH Double Female Swivel Brass Connector, 3/4-Inch by 3/4-Inch

Karcher K5.540 X-Series 2000 PSI 1.5 GPM (4 stars)


Next on our list is the re-known branded durable machine manufactured by karcher. This karcher power washer is rated as one of the best electric power washer because of its indoor performances.  it’s good on siding, cars, floor mats, and anything porous such as concrete or brick

Also, you should know that the work product and efficiency of karcher power washers are proportional to their price range i.e the  less expensive K3.540 X-series may be choosen as the best in terms of price but relatively less efficient when compared to the best K5.540 X-Series.

Moreover, the k5.740 is more or less like this product but it’s specifically made for commercial duty, but other than this, the pump and motor are the same.

The durability of the electrical power washer is due to the patented water-cooled motor which can last about 5x the others. This electric power washer comes with a Dirt-Blaster spray wand in a rotary nozzle form which allows it to get more power spray for larger areas.

Know that the pressure can be adjusted easily by rotating the newly included vario power spray (vps) rand. This best home use pressure washer Uses up to 80% less water than garden hose and it delivers 40x its pressure.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Washer (4 stars)


The fourth machine on our list of best electric power washer is the Campbell product. If what you have been looking for is the affordable electric pressure washer that clean effectively in an average duty range, then go for Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 1800 PSI.

The amount of pressure delivered by the machine is perfect for home projects. Although affordable than almost all the power washer listed before, it still takes the forth position not because it is less powerful or cheap but because most of its part are made of plastic.

The wand is a standard, about 3ft long (18 inches) but 26 inches from the trigger and 35foot fully extendable cord. 20 foot hose which may be short for some people taste, but still manageable. It weighs about 25-28 Lbs (12.70 kilograms) which implies that it is light and easy to maneuver around on its wheels. Just like others, it has a fully fitted detergent tank just like others.

The amount of pressure provided by the machine is just perfect for around the house needs like cleaning the patio, driveway, side of the house, and washing the patio furniture. To cut the long story short, it looks more exactly like the sun Joe in features, except that it’ less expensive.


Whenever it comes to choosing best power washer to go for, there is always confusion and most customers have been getting it wrong.

To some, electric power washers is only the best when it comes to using pressure washer why others will say if don’t own a gas power washer, you are not using the best pressure washer. By the time you read through this section, it will become crystal-clear.

Choosing the suitable and best pressure washer comes with you deciding carefully what you want to wash before you go for any one and the amount you are willing to invest in getting your cleaning project done.

Some heavy duty projects may require the help of a gas power cleaner. This doesn’t mean that the electric are excluded from the heavy duty jobs as some best electric power washer can even clean better than gas powered sometimes, but the electrical are best for pressure washer home use.

This is the reason why most people who own a gas power washer use it occasionally and randomly. But when it comes to using electric power pressure washer, owners use it more often.

Pros and cons
Electric power washer


1. Some electric power washers can be very powerful depending on the task for which it was built for. Some may even be up to 2000 PSI depending on the maker;

2. The beauty of this group of pressure washer is that some of the best electric power washer can be upgraded by increasing its electrical power via an attached additional power source so to be more efficient;

3. Most of the best electric power washers are affordable and not costly to maintain. I.e. the moment you buy them, you are done with the payment and no additional extra cost for oil, gas and servicing. Besides, there are no parts to be replaced most times;

4. Most people go for the electric power washer because they wash quietly and their services is pollution free as most gas engines fumes and make noise which is unlike any of the electrical power washers. That’s why they can be used indoor and even in enclosed area where air is not much;

5. They are the best when it comes to cleaning small items such as a vehicle, backyard grill, patio, pool area, and bikes.

Above all, electric power washer reviews shows that many customers now go for electric pressure washer because it matches best for most cleaning.

Apart from been portable enough to roll all around, they come with the expected and appropriate power to clean even the dirtiest places without producing damage both to the area and the user health. this means if what you want is simply what will do the task perfectly ,then go for best electric power washer.


1. Due to the fact that these set of washers are cheap, most people do take the quality to be cheap also. This may be right for some of the electric power washer for home use because they truly may not be durable especially if they are abused i.e. using less powerful cleaner for heavy duty tasks;

2. Rating according to strength and power shows that most electric pressure washer may not likely be able to stand the power of gas powered machines;

3. Electric outlet source is the life of electric power washer, which means if dirt duty calls in a place where there is no electric power supply, your electric washer may be as good as useless;

4. Electric power washer is only easy to move about in a specified area defined by its extendable cords and not to be carried between distances;

5. Because they are cheap and designed for light duty tasks, most of the components of the electric power washers are made up of plastics.

Gas power washer


1.One of the reasons why I love the gas power pressure washer is that you are always free to go anywhere you want with it when using it or not. This is made possible because of the strong tubing tyres they often comes with;

2. They are more powerful ass seen in some gas pressure washer which may give a powerful product as high as 4000 psi;

3. Due to the power capability, they are always the best when it comes to commercial purpose;

4. If routine maintenance is constant, these categories of power washers may last for years. The possibility of their durability is further ensured by the strong materials used to design the power washers.


1. Most of these gas pressure washer are reviewed to be heavy and bulky;

2. The cost of maintenance is another thing to consider which makes them expensive to maintain. Even for a small gas pressure washer, you may need to spend up to some dollars to deal with them not to even talk of the commercial heavy duty gas washers;

3. Above all, cost of maintaining the gas washers still stand to be the discussion topic of all time whenever it comes to choosing the best power washer to go for and it has been making people to turn their back on gas power washers.



I know your main question now, and the question is: how will I know the one to buy? Besides, what are the things I should put into considerations to know the best electric power washers? Don’t be pressurized, okay? Here I am to help you out.

The 3 points to consider are discussed below, and these points have been helpful to several customers in choosing nothing but the best. This power washer guide is limited to the scope of electric power washer because I found out that above average percentage of customers go for the best electric power washer.

1. Know your cleaning projects very well: picking the best pressure washer start with you understanding fully well your dirty tasks and their respective areas. The heavy the duty, the better it is to get a more powerful pressure washer. Sometimes, it may even be dangerous and hazardous to even use the heavy duty washers for easy tasks.

Many customers using best electric power washer concluded that 700psi is perfect for cleaning vehicles, floor mats and lightly-soiled vinyl. I suppose 1500psi would not be bad for cleaning decks and exterior of houses like backyard grill, patio, pool area and sidings. Then you should agree with me that the power range of 2000 – 3000psi is also the best for the likes of concretes, decking and drive way

Bottom line: advancement in technology led to the invention of adjustable pressure washer. Henceforth, it would be advisable for you to go for one of these as it would allow you to carry out different types of tasks as you wish

2. Know your frequency of use: if your cleaning tasks require a day to day service, it would be wise to go for the rugged commercial electric power washer which may even be expensive e.g. Sun Joe SPX3000 brands. This is recommended because once the payment is made, you enjoy it for long rather than investing in a fragile, less expensive washer which is meant for occasional purpose. Also, if your cleaning tasks are not on a regular basis, it would be okay to consider the cheap pressure washer rather than draining your dollars;

3. Know the kind of water specified for the machine: although, hot water cleans best, but electric power washers that make use of hot water for cleaning are relatively expensive and heavy to carry about. All been said, this hot water pressure washer are only good for sanitation just like the dish washer and they are used commonly in cleaning animal houses. Then if you aren’t after sanitation so called, why shouldn’t you go for the common cold water cleaner that is less expensive?

4. Get to understand the market of best electric pressure washer: online study shows that about 68% of American adult rely on online store which continue to increase as kids population are growing in every household but only about 30% of these people were always able to buy exactly what they want in terms of price, quality and choice.

Drawing something out of the statistics, you will agree with me that those that have been checking on reviews and answered questions about best electric power washer would be the one to buy the best power washer and they makes up the 30%. Other things you should look forward to know is the terminologies ( as in psi and cp) and accessories that makes up your desired power cleaner (as in motors, pump, hoses, nozzle etc);

5.Know the best brands in market: As far as the market of electric power washer is concerned, you only get the best out of the varieties by going for the best brand simply because of the experience and trust they have earned in the market of electric power washer. Companies like karcher, sun joe, Campbell hausfeld, AR Blue clean, green works etc are currently taking the lead in best electric power washers 2016.

Then what next is what you should look for in the pressure washer whenever you are about to get one. These are explained below:

1.Pressure washer wands: The most common wands are made of plastic or stainless. A plastic wand tends to last only for a while but the stainless-steel is the best. Also check for its weight and maneuverability because a heavy wand will definitely be difficult to move as you like. Plastic wands are lighter but may not be able to draw around like rubber.

2.Extra nozzle of new electric power washer: Most electric power washers don’t come with extra nozzles but only on exceptional cases. The truth is that you will definitely need an extra nozzle because follow-come nozzle do not last a year if used on regular basis.

3. PSI choice: This is always defined by the amount you are willing to pay i.e if you are willing to get the higher PSI, then you must be ready to pay for costly unit.

4.Wheels and the weight: If your machine weigh more than 30 pounds, it must definitely come with a wheel but if it weigh less than 15 – 20 pounds, you can still go for the wheel-less pressure washer. This is very important because of mobility.

5.Check the coupling system: This simply means the system that connects the garden hose. Just like the aforementioned wand, common coupling are either made of plastic or brass. The plastic is not strong like brass and it breaks or leaks easily. Buying a brass coupler together with the electric power washer would the best provided only plastic coupler comes with your power cleaner.

6.Injector: Most of the best electric power washers always come with a downstream injector detergent system. This downstream system ( after the pumping pressure) is always the best because it allows you to use your detergent actively on anything you want to wash. If your electric power washer didn’t come with this downstream, you can get one out of the box.

7.Length of hoses and electric cords: electric cords of the best electric power washers are always of cord length 28-30 foot an 20 foot length hoses. Just in case the power washer you are about to go for is shorter than this, I will advise you to go for a longer one. Issues where customers complain about length of hoses and electric cords are very common especially in cases where some hidden area can not be reached. Besides, electric cords and hoses with longer length help in covering a wider area.

8.Nozzle storage: This is not really compulsory but when you have storage on board for nozzles, it’s no bad.

You’ve been hearing people talking about pressure cleaning, and you are so confused, and you are like is it even compulsory for me to have one? You may even say, after all, I can do almost all my cleanings with my brush and other cleaning tools, then why should I get best electric pressure washer. Continue reading