There are many brands of electric pressure washer in the market nowadays, but the knowledge of the best brands would give you head into choosing only the best electric power washer

After going through diverse number of the companies producing electric power washer, I can confidently recommend the 7 best of them all which have been reviewed by the customers.


karcherKärcher group of company breakthrough into the cleaning technology industry in 1950 with the invention of the first ever European hot water high-pressure cleaner i.e. the DS 350 steam jet which forms the basis of all burners today.

No doubt, karcher is the largest and the biggest company when it comes to manufacture of best electric power washer.

In 1962, the brand gained an international recognition which is followed by the changes made in the brand color i.e. from blue to iconic yellow in 1974.

This best electric pressure washer brand comes with an impressive performance and superior durability which therefore allows it to fit for almost all cleaning tasks. Karcher has a wider range of pressure washers to choose from when compared to other brands of power cleaner.

Karcher has 18 gas and 21 electric power washer to choose from. These products in summary ranges from 1500 to 4000PSI and 1.25 to 3.60GPI.

The above wider ranges of electric power washer to choose from by karcher are exclusively due to the duration of time they have spent and the experience they have gained in the power washer industry.

Above all, current information as regarding success of brands in the market of pressure washer shows that Karcher Company now has subsidiaries in more than 60 countries with even more than 2.3 billion dollar generated revenue. Isn’t that a success?

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AR Blue clean:

ar-blue-clean-pressure-washerBlue clean is one of the brand names used in marketing and selling AR (Anovi Reverberi) electric pressure washer. Other brand names are B&D and the Michelin brand.

Therefore, don’t be confused all B&D and Michelin power washer are AR machines by rebadging because AR pays for the right to use the branding popularity that Michelin and B&D had acquired in the market and invention of tool/vehicle equipment

AR power washers are known for their powerful and reliable pumps. This best electric pressure washer brand had been manufacturing different types of pumps since 1959 but they start selling AR blue clean pressure washer in 2006. Series of pump produced by AR ranges from 1 to 35GPM and 1000 to 7000PSI

For more than 50 years now, AR Pressure washers are distinctively known for their light weight accompanied by quality materials. Hence, expect it to last for several years. This reliable brand however makes washing easier via several other accessories that come with their products.

Though AR joined the race of producing best electric power washer lately about 9 years ago but you will be surprised if I tell you that AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Washer is the best selling pressure today.

If what you really want is a pressure washer, I mean best electric pressure washer, having powerful motor to supply effective pump, quality spraying wands, nozzles and valves, then

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best electric power washerThis reliable brand has a popular selling pressure washer but was known for their best-selling 2030 PSI best electric power washer.

The company was established in 2004 in New Jersey, offering 4 classified models of electric power washer which are the 3 medium duty power washer and only one light duty.

Have you ever been wondering the differences between sun Joe and snow Joe? Well, no classified difference as you may be thinking. Snow Joe was the name by which the company was established whose motives were circled around the production of garden and lawn tools. Then, the production of best electric power washer brought about the idea of sun joe.

Despite been a brand that produces a quality product, the prices of best electric power washer produces by them are always affordable.

Therefore, if you are a budget conscious customer, you need to explore more about sun joe/snow joe

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greenworks-powerworks-pressure-washerThis brand is preferred by some people because of its natural characteristics i.e zero emission. This has a much to contribute to the health of the user as none of their products has carbon footprint. This is why green works produces only electric pressure washer.

About the branding, green works and power works are subsidiaries of the global tools,  but global tools has been focusing much attention on their green works brand recently may be because of the rapid growth of the best electric power washer brand

You should also know that global tools which is the father brand of power works and green works entered the industry of tools production in 2002 with much dedication to R & D which yielded 55% of the total growth

Getting best electric power washer produced by green works means cleaning projects are more or less likely to be on the rate of light duty tasks.



campbell-hausfeld-logoIt actually took me so long to know why most commercial cleaners rely much on electric power washer produced by CAMPBELL HAUSFELD until I laid my hand on one.

Just like some of the other durable products, best electric pressure washer from this company are made out of stronger materials to ensure its high performance coupled with long live.

This brand was first known for its outstanding quality and commercial effectiveness in Agricultural tools and horse drawn wagon production in 1836.

Presently, the company dedicates her production to creating more commercial grade equipment like tire inflator, air compressor, gauge regulator and so on besides electric pressure washers.

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craftsman-pressure-washer-logoBeen crafty simply means been creative. This simple meaning gave rise to the evolution of the company. The brand was named after the then creative mechanics in 1927 that were happy with what they were doing with their tools.

The history of the company has many tiers with Sears. Sears happens to be the first ever marketer of the brand.  This deal actually raised the head of the brand into a 20+ billion dollar worth company.

Leaving history behind, Craftsman Company is a popular and one of the best American brands today. Craftsman is a producer of both electric and gas power washer.

Less I forget, people often consider product of this company because of its value for the money. Simpson pressure washer cost twice the price of craftsman’s of same specifications.

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Just in case your own choice of pressure washer is a sturdy and rugged type, then you have to check into Ryobi power washer production.

Ryobi pressure washer brand is owned by Techtronic industries. This brand was formed in Japan in the year 1943 but joined the power tools production league in 1968. In 2000, they began the selling of their power tools to Oceania, Europe, and north America.

This brand has 7 choice of pressure washer to choose from, 3 of which are electric power washer and the other 4 are gas powered.

Apart from the production of pressure washer, Ryobi also specializes in the  production of several other power tools like electricity generator, mower, chain saw, trimmers for florist, flower blower etc.

You should also know that this brand actually started as a very small brand that manufacture die caster. But today, Ryobi can boast of many subsidiaries across the globe.

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